Thursday, October 9, 2014

5 Steps to choosing the right winter coat

There is more to choosing outerwear that just function and fashion. When selecting a coat, think about the following.
  1. Degree of warmth required. There are times when a lightweight twill or denim jacket is all that is required. However, when the temps fall in the north or high altitudes, you will need a warmer coat. This is where the materials come to play. Wool, down, and synthetics are very good choices when you need a good warm coat.
  2. Wet or dry? While wool and down are both warm, wool looses a significant portion of it's insulating properties when it is wet. Down also is useless when wet. However, water-repellent down (treated) will work in damp weather but not in the soaking rain. Synthetic fibers are engineered to work well in all conditions, but they are heavier than down.
  3. Desired activity. If you are hiking, you may wish to choose a warm, but lightweight coat than if you will only be out walking the dog because you will be out for an extended period of time. Down is a good lightweight choice.
  4. Style. If your budget allows, your closet could have a trench-coat, a peacoat, a blazer, a leather moto jacket, a puffer, and a long dress coat. Since most of us don't have that luxury, you will need to choose a style that works best with your current wardrobe, and budget.
  5. Price. Some water-proof down jackets can be quite expensive. Leather jackets may also be more expensive than other choices. For those on a tight budget, dressing in layers, such as a light coat, hat and scarf may be all you need.
Scroll several styles of coats and jackets that will look great this winter.

from: Nordstrom

from: Nordstrom

Reversable Silk Cape - $159
from: Nordstrom

from: Nordstrom

From: Nordstrom

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