Friday, October 31, 2014

Orange You Glad It's Halloween?

Is orange really the new black?

Since today is Halloween, I thought I would use the Halloween color scheme in today's post to celebrate.

Check out these cool headphones and bluetooth speaker in orange. These sleek designs are available at Best Buy.
Antec - PULSE Headset - Orange
Antec - Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker & Speakerphone

Everyone should have at least one pair of black pants in their wardrobe. And at $68, these certainly fit the bill. They are available at Nordstrom.
!iT 'Lauren' Skinny Ponte Pants Black

This body balm will nourish your skin while awakening your senses. This one is from H2O Plus and it's $7.
Blushing Orange Moisturizing Body Balm

Have a Happy Halloween, and be safe!

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  1. love this post! also I'm so happy it's halloween!