Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Leggings, the perfect choice for fall

Leggings are extremely popular these days. They are so comfortable, it's easy to see why. This fall you have more choices than ever with print leggings being all the rage. When you include the broader categories of hosiery, tights, and yoga/fitness pants you have as many options as you can imagine.

The Don'ts...

  • Unless you are in yoga class, you should not wear a short top with leggings. 
  • If they are too sheer and/or too tight, you may end up showing more than you wished. 
  • Above all, do NOT wear leggings that match your skin tone because it may just look like you aren't wearing pants!

The Do's...

  • Wear a tunic or sweater that is long enough in the back to cover your bottom. 
  • Leggings with flats look great.
  • Leggings with almost any style boot look fabulous.

Get creative! Below is an example of one of my favorite combinations from my closet.

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