Monday, October 27, 2014

Virtual Hairstyles: A Small Committment, Lots of Fun

If you are ready for a change but aren't sure what haircut or color looks best, you can try them online with your own photo.

There are a number of web sites and phone apps that will allow you to upload your own photo and then "try on" different haircuts and hair color. I decided to give a couple a try.

Desktop Application

I first tried a desktop version, called (full disclosure, I have an affiliate relationship and receive a commission if you subscribe). It was easy to use and they make sure you align your photo in such a way that the styles fit your face in a realistic way. They have thousands of hairstyles and over 50 hair colors to choose from. They include celebrity hairstyles, bridal styles, and styles for men in their catalog.

In addition to allowing you to try different hairstyles, they also have a makeover section containing makeup combinations to apply to your photo.

This is a subscription service. A three month subscription is $14.95, but longer subscriptions are available. There are no auto renewals or recurring hidden fees. I found a coupon online and saved 15% off the three month subscription.

Mobile App

I also found a free iphone app called Hair Style Makeover and gave it a try. Because it was free, it had ads (of course). The app only had a few dozen  style to try for free, but you could purchase more, and it wasn't as sophisticated an application. It also didn't include the makeup makeover capability.

Whichever application you choose, you will have fun trying on the different styles without having to make a choice you might regret later.

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