Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Yoga and Tech Do They Mix? Plus, Organic Skin Care

So I ran across a new product that is being crowd-funded. It's called the Smart-Mat. It's billed as "The World's First Intelligent Yoga Mat." "A roll-able, portable, responsive yoga mat that detects and adjusts your yoga practice, enabling you to uncover your individual 'Perfect Pose'" You can check it out here.
Isn't one of the ideas behind yoga is that it is relaxing and takes you away from daily stressors? I would say that for many, the various technologies we surround ourselves with do indeed contribute to stress in our lives. What are your thoughts? Do you think this would contribute to your overall health? 
Speaking of health, good skin care is important for good health. Our skin is an organ that absorbs over 60% of what comes into contact with it. When we wash our skin, we are attempting to wash away contaminants and toxins, not add dangerous substances. Juice Beauty is a line of authentically organic products whose results are clinically validated. Click the banner below to read more about all of their products, which include skin care, hair care, and makeup.


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