Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Onesie Tuesday

Onesie Tuesday!

It is so much fun shopping for kid's clothing, especially those cute little baby clothes! I have found some doesies for Onesie Tuesday!

Sch├Ątzchen (shet-chen) is a term of endearment that can mean "baby," "darling" or "sweetie." This romper and hat set are definitely all of the above.
Sch├Ątzchen Romper & Hat
This long sleeve onesie for infant boys is adorable, and it's on sale! I love the stripes, patch pocket, and the knee patches. It looks like this boy is ready to crawl!
Walter Stripe Romper
This colorful long sleeve dress has a two tiered skirt with cross-stitch like shapes. It is on sale, and twirl ready!
Cross Stitch Tiered Dress
Your boy will love this cool motorcycle t-shirt! I love the color. This one is also at a great price!
Motorrad Graphic Tee


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