Sunday, January 4, 2015

Flowers For Valentine's Day

Flowers For Valentine's Day!

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Flowers are a traditional Valentine's Day gift. A beautiful flower bouquet is always a welcome sight, one sure to bring a smile to your loved one's face. Valentine's Day flowers are a wonderful gift because we seldom buy flowers for ourselves. We reserve the gift of flowers for the most special occasions.

There are many different online florists, in fact I have several that I can recommend below.
Organic Bouquet

But if you are interested in sending the freshest flowers available from an eco-friendly source, then I would recommend's motto is "Fresh: a new approach to flowers." Their flowers arrive a few days after they are cut vs. 14+ days elsewhere. The flowers are cut from eco-friendly, sustainable and responsible farms. They are cut only when you order, so there are no wasted stems.'s delivers premium, vibrant blooms from farms fed by volcanic ice melt and mineral rich soil. Equatorial sun results in brighter colors. And the bouquets are curated by florist-to-the-stars Eric Buterbaugh. has easy ordering and a concierge service allowing you to customize to send:
  • for important dates
  • as a random surprise
  • weekly or monthly
  • email reminders
  • discounts up to 25% off, and free delivery
  • pause or cancel anytime
Red roses are a Valentine's Day classic. Here is one example from


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