Thursday, February 5, 2015

Attention Salad Lovers!

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Calling all foodies and salad lovers! I have found the most fabulous kitchen tools to make salad preparation easy, and dare I say fun?

For instance, now there is a tool that brings salad prep to a whole new level, it's an All-In-One Salad Station. Create amazing salads right into your salad bowl—no need to break out your knife and cutting board. A must for fans of fresh produce, this handy gadget features an interchangeable blade system that allows you to slice, dice, julienne and grate directly into the included container! All 10 pieces are dishwasher safe and fit securely in the bowl for easy, space-saving storage.

If you need a salad spinner you should take a look at this one. You can quickly spin lettuce, herbs, and other leafy green vegetables dry with this high-velocity salad spinner. You simply crank the ratchet lever from side to side a few times to spin the inner bowl—it has an easy-to-use one-handed braking system that quickly stops the bowl when your greens are sufficiently dry.

This tool handy mezzaluna is great for chopping leafy greens, vegetables, herbs and more. It cuts kitchen prep time in half! Two razor-sharp blades provide almost effortless chopping and mincing with a simple rocking motion.

Perfect for serving large salads or storing and displaying fresh citrus and other fruits, this handsome wooden bowl is crafted from durable and attractive acacia wood. It does double duty as a server and an accent piece!

I love this kitchen gadget! Whip up fresh, delicious dressings and marinades in seconds with this juicer-and-whisk combo! Start with a little oil, add herbs and aromatics, juice some fresh citrus directly into the container, and use the wire whisk to blend everything until smooth and emulsified. The wide spout gives you added control while pouring, and the shatterproof Tritan jar features handy measurement markings. Both lids are compatible with wide-mouth mason jars for larger batches. And it's all dishwasher safe!


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