Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Date Night Dresses

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There are as many styles of  "Date Night Dresses" as there are types of dates. You aren't going to wear a gown to meet someone for coffee. Likewise you wouldn't wear jeans to a gala or wedding. A daytime date would call for a different dress than perhaps a night at the opera or theater. At the same time you can wear certain types of dresses in very different situations if you accessorize them in different ways. Add a jean jacket over a maxi dress and it would be great for a casual weekend lunch. Remove the jacket and add a statement necklace and beautiful earrings and you have dressed up the look enough to go to a backyard party.

Take a look at this collection of date worthy dresses. You will find several LBD's, and other cocktail dresses, as well as the more casual maxi dresses. You can view the collection by clicking the button below. I have placed the dresses in my cart, and if you wish to purchase an item you can select the item and it will automatically be moved to your own cart! You can take advantages of store savings using this Mavatar shopping app! Check it out!

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