Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Perfectly Posh Product Review

Full disclosure, I am not affiliated in any way with Perfectly Posh, I was randomly contacted and asked to do a review of their products. I am not receiving any compensation for this review. I did receive sample sized products at no charge; however.

I was surprised recently to receive a message from a Twitter friend, @RockyMtnPosh, offering to send me free samples of Perfectly Posh beauty products for me to review. I was happy to accept her offer. By the way, her twitter profile says that she will send out free samples on request! She also has a Facebook Page, and I noticed that she has online parties with prizes.

I received a generous bag of samples in the mail about a week later. They came in a cute black polka dot bag tied with a bow. Included in the bag along with the samples was a hand written card thanking me for trying the products and a gentle encouragement to let her be my Perfectly Posh dealer as well as a suggestion that I contact her if I was interested in becoming a consultant. Also included in the bag was her business card and a full size product catalog that described all of the sample items in detail. A loyalty card was also provided. Apparently, if you order products with the same consultant, you get "punches" on the card. Once the card is full you get a free gift.

So the first sample I tried was the Mermaid Mix. According to the catalog, they have 30 mix-and-match "AllMixDUp" "bath embellishments" that you can use alone or mix for your own bath concoction. They sell for 6 for $20, with each lasting from 2 to 3 baths depending on how much you use. The catalog description for the Mermaid Mix was "Sea nutrients for ageless, well-fed skin." Well that's a pretty high bar! But I will say that the smell was nice but not overpowering. It was a bubble bath, which some love and others don't. I am sort of in the don't category, but these were thick bubbles that were easy to push to the other end of the tub when I was ready to get out of the bath. I usually don't like bubble baths because its hard to get the bubbles off your skin when you are ready to get out. This wasn't a problem with the Mermaid Mix.

I purposely did not use any soap or other bath products so I could easily gauge the effect of the Perfectly Posh product. I did a bath soak for about 15 minutes. After drying off I did notice that my skin felt soft, and not oily. The product is in crystal form and doesn't have any oily feel. After rinsing the bubbles out of the bath tub it also didn't leave any residue in the tub.

My sample bag had one other "AllMixDUp", this one was called "Poshymallow". I haven't tried this one yet, but it does smell like marshmallows! Apparently these are bath salts instead of bubble bath. If you click the image below you can read more about this one.

My sample bag also included two "Snarky Bars" which according to the catalog are "soapy, Snarky shea scrubbing bars". My samples were Brazilian Bombshell Snarky Bar and Classic Snarky Bar. I look forward to trying each of these exfoliating bars.

The last sample in my bag was the MFEO "Mint for Each Other" Rosemary Peppermint chunk. According to the website, this is a bestseller. I'm pretty sure I will love this fragrance combo!

To sum it up, the pitch on the company's About page on their web site is as follows:
  • Pampering products made in the USA
  • Gentle, natural ingredients
  • No parabens, paraffins, sulfates, lanolin, or fillers
  • Lots of natural butters and essential oils
  • Many vegan options
  • No animal testing
All-natural products tend to be expensive, but everything in Perfectly Posh's catalog is under $25. And if you buy 5 products, the sixth one is free!

Both the print catalog and the web site list all of the ingredients in each product which is very helpful.

The Perfectly Posh product line is sold in categories they call collections. The Posh Collections include:
 I enjoyed receiving the "grab bag" of samples and look forward to trying the other products. I will add comments to this blog post after I try each of the remaining samples. Thanks @RockyMtnPosh for my introduction to Perfectly Posh products!

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  1. Today I tried the Brazilian Bombshell Snarky Bar. It had a nice smell and exfoliated well. It did feel a little rough when I used it on my shins, but it worked really well in those tough skin areas like my heels.

  2. Yes the Snarky bars are great on tough areas like elbows and heels! We don't recommend using them on anything sensitive like the face----we do carry a great line of facial and body exfoliators for those more tender parts :)

  3. Correction to the above review post. I have been informed that the products are NATURALLY BASED products, as opposed to all-natural.

  4. Today I tried the AllMixDUp "Poshymallow" bath salt. I couldn't really tell that it added much to my bath. Perhaps a mildly sweet fragrance. I used my Brazilian Bombshell Snarky Bar again. So far this is probably my favorite of all the samples so far. It works really well on tough skin areas.

  5. Jennifer I agree with you about the Poshymallow bath salts. Aside from the slight fragrance, there isn't much "effect", although that may be perfect for some people. Many of our bath salts are meant to 'fragrance' the water, but if you are looking for something in addition to fragrance, you can mix it with one of our 'effects', like Bubble Up which will add lots of bubbles, or Muscle Through which helps with aches. The AllMixedUp Salts and Effects are sold in a package of 6 so you can mix and match however you like :)

  6. Yesterday I read about a beauty hack for super closely shaved legs. You shave your legs as usual, then exfoliate, then shave them a second time. I tried it this morning using the Snarky bar, and it really works! Closets shave ever!

    I will be trying the remainder of my samples in the following days, so stay tuned!

  7. Today I tried the MFEO "Mint for Each Other" Rosemary Peppermint chunk and it is my new favorite! It has a fresh scent and leaves your skin with a slight tingle. After my bath my skin was very soft. I would definitely recommend this product!

  8. I found the best way to use the Perfectly Posh Snarky Bar! Use the Baby Foot product (not sold through Perfectly Posh, but more info available at the following link first. After a few days the exfoliation will begin and you can use the Snarky Bar to slough off the dead skin that begins to peel off. This is the best way to get sandal ready feet!