Thursday, April 2, 2015

Spring Has Sprung!

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Spring has sprung and it's time to start planning, if not planting, the garden!

Direct Gardening is one of the largest producers and distributors of home gardening products through the internet in the United States.  Direct Gardening offers a wide range of quality gardening plants, seeds, bulbs and supplies at very low prices to gardening enthusiasts in the United States, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

Take a look at these beautiful roses. Would you believe they are practically thorn-less? They are! And the blooms measure 6" wide, it's a repeat bloomer and it's fragrant! These are garden candy!

Thornless Paul Neyron Rose

And Direct Gardening offers special promo codes for free garden plants and bulbs, like the freesias below!

DirectGardening - 15 Free Freesias with any order, code 1392

Below are more promo codes from Direct Gardening!

1 Free Hosta with any order, coupon code 1390

1 Free Rose with any order, code 1391

1 Free Daylily with any order, code 1393

1 Free Iris with any order, code 1394

Add a unique, distinctive finish to your front yard with a personalized Elegant Monogram Yard Stake or Garden Flag from PersonalizationMall!

The unique monogram design, with floral accents, provides a distinctive finish to your home while attractively displaying your home address or family name.

Choose from 5 background colors to best suit your home and personal taste. The design is printed on a custom-cut magnet piece, which can be removed and replaced with other designs, as desired.

An exclusive flag design featuring a flower bed of bright pink tulips against a delicate watercolor background provides a distinctive welcome to your home displaying your single initial monogram and last name or couple's names.

The flag's design is printed on an all-weather, double-sided, removable flag so you can replace with other designs, as desired. 

Elegant Monogram Address - Yard Stake With Magnet
Spring Tulips Personalized Garden Flag

Take a look at this collection of garden supplies. You can view the collection by clicking the button below. I have placed the items in my cart, and if you wish to purchase one you can select it and it will automatically be moved to your own cart! You can take advantage of store savings using this Mavatar shopping app! Check it out, you'll love Mavatar!

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