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Product Review of imPRESS Press-on Manicure

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Product Being Reviewed

Today I am doing a product review of imPRESS Press-on Manicure.

Review Disclosure 

I was given two free samples of this product in exchange for an honest review.

The Company's Representation

The company lists the following benefits of the imPRESS Press-on Manicure:
  • Apply in minutes
  • Only waterproof, press-on nails
  • Safe on natural nails
  • No dry time, no mess,
  • Ultra gel shine
  • Easy, peel-off removal
  • Lasts up to one week
    They state that their product utilizes:
    • Ultra-hold adhesive technology
    • No nail damage
    • No glue needed
    • No acetone or soak-off removal

      What is imPRESS Press-on Manicure?

      These press-on nails are artificial nails that come in over 40 colors, designs and accent nails. They also come in different lengths. They don't require glue, but instead have a peel-off strip on the underside of the nail which exposes an adhesive that keeps the nail secured on your natural nail.

      Why Use ?

      The most compelling reason to use a press-on manicure is that they are quick and easy.  There is no mess and no drying time.

      Product Packaging

      I received two samples, each came in an easy to open clear plastic box which showed the size and color of the nails along with directions for applying and removing the nails.

      Size of Product and Product Properties

      One sample contained 30 ultra-shine gel nails in the color "Symphony", which is a medium to light pink. This box included 6 accent nails. Four of the accent nails were white with gold glitter diamond patterns. While the remaining two accent nails were smaller in size and solid gold glitter. A picture of the pink and accent nails being worn was shown on the front of the box.

      The second sample contained 24 ultra-shine gel nails in the color "So, So Stellar", which is a pinkish taupe. Instead of having accent nails, this box included 2 silver scull charms.

      Inside each of the boxes were folded step by step instructions which included pictures for each step in the application process. There was also a nail prep pad and a tiny nail file.

      Ease of Use

      I used the "So, So Stellar" sample without using the charms since they really aren't my style. I'm not sure I would care to use any charms since they give a 3-D effect on the nail which I don't particularly like. But to each his own!

      The application process was very easy. As instructed, I chose the nails that fit each finger and layed them out prior to starting. I then started by applying the pinky finger on my left hand first. I proceeded to apply the remaining nails on my left hand with the exception of my thumb. I next did the same order on my right hand. I applied the thumb nails on each hand last.

      The backing strips were easy to remove, and the nails stuck on easily. They did allow you a little room to wiggle them in place.

      After allowing some time for them to firm up in place I tried to shape them a bit with the nail file. It is really too small to use. I recommend that you just use a standard size emory board.

      There is a small ridge on the top of some of the nails that I suppose is the result of the manufacturing process. The ridges are easily smoothed off with a file.


      I was very pleased with the results. The nail sizes worked very well, and I love the color and the shine.

      "So, So Stellar"

      I didn't think they would stay on very well, but they really do. I shampooed my hair with them on, and they still remain firmly in place.

      The price of these nails are less than $8 for 24 nails. That is well under the cost of a professional manicure. And you save a lot of time and mess of doing your own manicure with polish.

      I will definitely use the imPRESS Press-on Manicure again since I had great results!

      Where Can You Buy This Product? 

      imPRESS Press-on Manicure are widely available at all the major drugstores and large grocery chain stores.

      Additionally you can find imPRESS Press-on Manicure at Amazon. Amazon also allows you to add it as a subscription item that will be delivered on a regular schedule. This product is also often used as an add-on item to achieve the minimum amount required for an order to qualify for free shipping.

      For More Info On this Product

      You can find additional information about at this product on their website http://impressmanicure.com/ or on their  FAQ page.

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