Saturday, October 10, 2015

Book Review of Jody Rookstool's Top 12 Places to Visit in Texas

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Book Being Reviewed

Today I am doing a book review of Jody Rookstool's Top 12 Places to Visit in Texas, in paperback.

Review Disclosure 

I was given a free sample of this book and paid a nominal fee in exchange for an honest review.

Excerpt From The Author's Bio

When I am not working on a craft or DIY project, I can most often be found spending time with my husband, David, and our wonderful children. We enjoy the outdoors and are always looking for new activities that allow us to enjoy all that nature has to offer. We hike a lot during the summer, and during the winter we are very fond of skiing. In fact, we are so fond of skiing that I do some seasonal work at one of the local ski resorts just for the lift passes.


    I will start by revealing the destinations Ms. Rookstool believes are the "Top 12 Places to Visit in Texas". This is no spoiler since you can view this Table of Contents on Amazon prior to purchasing the book.
    As someone who has lived and traveled in Texas for several decades, I took exception to the list. I understand that it is difficult to come up with a short list of destinations, but Texas is such a large state that you almost have to divide it up into geographic regions to give a good overview of the sites. How can you not include the Alamo, or the Texas State Capitol? What about some of the fine museums found throughout Texas, or amusement parks and water parks for the kids? There isn't even a mention of "tubing" the rivers of Central Texas a pastime almost every native Texan would recommend. Others I would add to the list are Palo Duro Canyon in the panhandle, and Big Bend.

    I did learn a few new destinations I was previously unfamiliar with. Specifically, Dinosaur Valley and The Hill of James Magee. After reading about these I believe they were included due to the author's love of hiking and arts and crafts (noted from her bio). Having not been to either I can't say whether they are worth the trip, but I still think there are other sites that should bump these off the list.

    If someone from out of state were looking to visit Texas on vacation, this would not be a good travel guide since there is no map included showing the locations of the destinations, or mileage charts which would be important tools in the trip planning process.

    The book is quite small and is a quick read. The author gives a nice description of each destination, but without a lot of depth and detail. She does include url links at the end of each chapter so that readers can find additional information about the locations on the internet. This book would probably best be enjoyed as an ebook so that the reader could jump to the links from the text of the book.

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