Friday, October 23, 2015

Introducing Warby Parker's New Limited Edition Thea Collection Sunglasses!

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The ancient Greeks believed that true beauty lies in proportion and balance. Warby Parker's new limited-edition sunglasses reflect that ethos. Created and named in honor of the Titan goddess of sight who gave gold and other metals and gems their luster, the Thea collection includes three impressive frames: Lovett, Grace, and Penrose. Each are hand-wrapped in a continuous line of stainless steel and triple-coated in 24-karat gold. These three timeless frames are available in Jet Black and Red Canyon.

The Grace frame is a modified cat-eye shape with a winged cutaway detail at the temple creating a sinuous silhouette.

Grace in Jet Black

The Penrose's oversized, squared-off frame is effortlessly polished and refined.

Penrose in Red Canyon

Lovett is a square silhouette with an angled brow that creates a timeless appeal.

Lovett in Jet Black

Each frame from Warby Parker's Thea Collection arrives in a classy, black leather case.

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