Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Product Review of Clearly Luminous Serum

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Product Being Reviewed

Today I am doing a product review of Clearly Luminous Blemish Control and Moisture Lock Serum by AvantiRx.

Review Disclosure 

I was given a free sample of this product in exchange for an honest review.

The Company's Representation

The company provided the following promotional information.
Say “Good-bye” to oily shine and “Hello” to a beautiful matte complexion with Clearly Luminous Serum.
Clearly Luminous Serum is a hydrating gel applied to clean skin to plump up and protect your skin, while combating annoying oil and shine. Thanks to the natural botanicals in the Clearly Luminous Serum, it’s the perfect moisturizer for everyday use…without drying the skin.

Normally, a product made for acne prone or problematic skin is less than sophisticated. However, Clearly Luminous Serum is comprised with a key ingredient, Lilac Stem Cell Extract… not your everyday ingredient. Lilac Stem Cell Extract helps to improve the appearance and feel of problematic skin and sebum-related skin conditions. It also has soothing properties which lessens the appearance of redness associated with irritation while leaving skin looking brighter and more balanced.

If you have breakouts, you understand that most ‘mass-market,’ over the counter products lines will dry out the skin. However, all skin needs to have moisture…the right moisture. That's why Clearly Luminous Serum contains a healthy portion of Sodium Hyaluronate (L) which provides a plumping effect, lubricates, and moisturizes the skin, and also helps to prevent trans-epidermal water loss, leaving skin with maximum nourishment and hydration.

After the skin is properly and sufficiently moisturized, Totarol comes in to provide antioxidant elements and anti-bacterial like properties. Abundant in the heartwood of the New Zealand Totara tree, Totarol is a new rising star for problematic skin.

Plus, Phenyl-N-Butyl Nitrone (Spin Trap) is a key ingredient that is recognized as an “intelligent” antioxidant. This means that instead of destroying free radicals, it traps them, and transforms them into useful oxygen for your skin.

Beautiful skin is for every skin type, including problematic skin. Now it's your turn to benefit and welcome a Clearly Luminous and flawless complexion!


Product Packaging

The serum came in a cardboard box which listed a brief description of the product, the directions for use, and the ingredients.

Size of Product and Product Properties

The blemish control and moisture lock serum came in a 1 oz. pump bottle with a cap and clear labeling.

Ease of Use

The bottle dispensed an adequate amount of serum to distribute over my entire face.


The brand's tag line is "Botanical Therapy", and this should clue you in to the fact that the serum's fragrance is highly floral. It's active ingredients include Lilac stem cells and it contains many other floral ingredients. If you are sensitive to some floral fragrances you may wish to avoid this serum. If you love floral scents, then you will probably love this product.

The serum goes on easily and is absorbed quickly leaving you with a moist but not sticky feeling. I have been using the serum for three days and I have not had any breakouts while using the product. Some thick moisturizers do cause me to have small blemishes. My night cream sometimes does this. I have been using the same night cream with the blemish control serum in the day, and have not had any breakouts.

I was able to apply my makeup over the serum and it didn't roll or flake, and it went on smoothly.

I would recommend this product for those who need both a moisturizer and blemish control, and aren't sensitive to floral fragrances.

Where Can You Buy This Product?

You can purchase Clearly Luminous Serum from their website at

For More Info On the Company and Their Products

Find out more about AvantiRx and Clearly Luminous Serum on social media by searching #AvantiRx.

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