Thursday, October 1, 2015

Product Review of Wine[A]Roo - Wine In A Pouch

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Product Being Reviewed

Today I am doing a product review of Wine[A]Roo - Wine In A Pouch.

Review Disclosure 

I was given a discount on this product in exchange for an honest review.

The Company's Representation

The company provided the following promotional information on the Wine[A]Roo.
Bring your favorite wine to concerts & BBQs without lugging a heavy glass bottle. At 800 ml, our foldable, leakproof pouch is bigger than others so you can fit in an entire bottle of wine.

Ever take a bottle of wine to a public venue—then have to toss it in the garbage after a security guard told you glass isn’t allowed? With the Wine[A]Roo, you’ll never have this problem again! This innovative plastic pouch allows you to safely transport and enjoy wine anywhere without the danger and inconvenience of glass.

The Wine[A]Roo holds an ENTIRE bottle of wine… 800 ml (we don’t believe in letting good wine go to waste)! You even get a free Drop Stop Pourer, which makes transferring your wine into the pouch easy and mess-free. Then, just screw on the cap and you’re all set for a weekend at the lake, your family reunion, or that trendy BYOB eatery downtown! Our reusable wine bag is made of thick, no-tear plastic that stands up to use after use without leaking.

When the party’s over, the empty Wine[A]Roo folds up small so you can pack it away and bring it home. Just a quick wash with soap & water, and it’s ready for more good times!

Beautifully packaged—a great gift for birthdays, anniversaries, housewarming parties & more!

    Lightweight & foldable, takes up no space
    Holds 800ml of wine (an entire bottle)
    Wide bottle mouth for easy pouring
    Insulated, light-blocking bag keeps wine cool
    Great for other beverages, too
    Includes clip-on carabiner & pour accessory
    Stands upright when filled
    BPA-free & FDA-approved
    Easy to clean
    Durable, no-leak design
    Recyclable & reusable
    Freezer- and cooler-safe

Product Packaging

The bottle is very lightweight and came in a bubble-pack outer envelope. The wine pouch itself came in a sealed plastic bag with cardboard insert that contained branding and easy to read usage instructions.

Size of Product and Product Properties

The Wine[A]Roo is the same relative size and holds an entire 800 ml bottle of wine. It has a screw on top and comes with a foil circle that serves as a pouring spout. The wine pouch also has a clip-on carabiner allowing you to secure the pouch on a backpack or even a beltloop!

Ease of Use

Wine[A]Roo is super easy to use. Just unscrew the cap, stand the pouch on a flat surface and pour the wine from the bottle into the pouch and re-close with the screw cap.


I poured a full bottle of Slingshot Chardonnay into the Wine[A]Roo wine pouch, and placed in the refrigerator to drink later.

When I was ready to have the wine I unscrewed the cap rolleded the foil circle spout and inserted it into the pouch. I will say that when filled with a full bottle of wine, it is up to the very top of the pouch so you need to take care not to squeeze the pouch too much to avoid spillage during the initial pour. That little foil pour spout is pretty clever and works really well. No drips on the pour!

I didn't have an outing in which to test the pouch prior to this review, but I could see where the wine pouch would be great for a hike and a picnic or anywhere outdoors where you don't want to carry glass. It is very lightweight, and because of it's insulation, it stayed cool for a long while. You also don't have to mess with a corkscrew when you are at an event or at the pool!

I highly recommend the Wine[A]Roo wine pouch, will continue to use mine, and may even buy more for gifts!

Where Can You Buy This Product?

Wine[A]Roo, Wine In A Pouch can be purchased on Amazon.

For More Info On the Company and Their Products

You can find out more about Wine[A]Roo, Wine In A Pouch on social media by searching #WineARoo or by reading other Amazon reviews.

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