Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Product Review of Remedy Phytoplex Nourishing Skin Cream

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Product Being Reviewed

Today I am doing a product review of Remedy Phytoplex Nourishing Skin Cream.

Review Disclosure 

I was given a free sample of this product in exchange for an honest review.

The Company's Representation

The company provided the following promotional information.
Remedy Phytoplex Nourishing Skin Cream from helps restore skin's natural moisture balance and barrier properties. Remedy Phytoplex Nourishing Skin Cream is formulated without mineral oil or other petrochemicals to remain breathable. Absorbs readily into the skin upon application with no greasy residue. Moisturizes with a blend of natural emollients including safflower oleosomes and carrageenan. Soothes the skin with oat kernel and licorice root extract. Ideal for use on hands, face, and body. Enhanced with Phytoplex - additional botanicals and essential fatty acids. 

What is Phytoplex?

Phytoplex is combination of all-natural, plant-based ingredients used in everything from fish food to skin care products.

Size of Product and Product Properties

Remedy Phytoplex Nourishing Skin Cream comes in a 4 ounce flip-top tube with attractive and easy to read labeling.


This skin cream goes on smoothly and isn't at all greasy. It immediately leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth after the first application. The cream doesn't have much of a scent, which is good since some scents may cause irritation for some people. I particularly like the fact that it contains plant based ingredients as opposed to petroleum products. I would recommend this skin cream to anyone who is looking for a good all purpose body moisturizer.

Where Can You Buy This Product?

You can purchase Remedy Phytoplex Nourishing Skin Cream at

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For more information on Remedy Phytoplex Nourishing Skin Cream, you can search #pro2medical on social media.

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