Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Product Review of Heka Living Essential Oil Diffuser Humidifier With Clock

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Product Being Reviewed

Today I am doing a product review of Heka Living Essential Oil Diffuser Humidifier With Clock.

Review Disclosure 

I was given a free sample of this product in exchange for an honest review.

The Company's Representation

The company provided the following promotional information.
BRAND NEW DIFFUSER MODEL with easy to read clock (12 and 24 hour options) and subtle, adjustable night light function! Designed in U.S.A. and manufactured to be super quiet and powerful. The Heka Essential Oil Diffuser with Clock is ideal for bedroom, office, nursery, spa - even the pet's room!

  • Misting timer has 4 preset settings (30, 60, 120, 180 minutes) or continuously "on"
  • 12 or 24-hour clock function with high/low intensity settings-Cool misting of oils for up to 10 hours
  • Adjustable intensity night light function
  • Easy to use and easy to clean! Detailed instructions included with Users Manual.
  • Heka Living brings the highest quality and most affordable products to your home to make life easy, beautiful, and healthy.
The Heka Living 400ml ultrasonic essential oil diffuser is designed to be the perfect size with simple functionality making it ideal for home and office use. Neutral d├ęcor, subtle lighting, and ultra-quiet operation will enhance any room, table top, dresser, or desk without becoming the center of attention. With simple care, this essential oil diffuser is designed to provide years of enjoyable service. This diffuser works with all essential oils, including your favorite Young Living and DoTerra essential Oils.

Product Packaging

The Essential Oil Diffuser comes in an attractive box with a frosted-look plastic covering which makes it ideal for gift giving.

Size of Product and Product Properties

The Essential Oil Diffuser is shaped like a flat topped dome and holds 400 ml of water/essential oil solution.

Ease of Use

The diffuser is easy to set-up and use. You simply lift the dome cover and fill with the desired amount of water and a few drops of essential oils. You then plug into a wall outlet and use the push buttons to set the clock and the amount of time you want the diffuser to run.


I like that the Heka Living Essential Oil Diffuser has multiple time settings that are easy to set, and that the unit shuts off automatically once the chosen time has elapsed. The water vapor immediately begins to flow out the top of the diffuser as soon as the mist button is pressed.

I also like that I can control the amount of scent that is released based on the number of drops of essential oils I put in the water.

And lastly, the clock continues to keep time, even when the unit isn't plugged into the wall which is a nice feature.

Where Can You Buy This Product

You can purchase the Heka Living Essential Oil Diffuser with Clock at Amazon.

For More Info On the Company and Their Products

You can find out more about the Heka Living Essential Oil Diffuser Humidifier With Clock by searching #hekaliving.

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